Jessica and Jeremy I’m hoping you read this……

I am responding to your interviews that the Church of Scientology instructed you both to do and sent to ABC.  Here is a link to your interviews that was aired on Good Morning America May 2, 2016:

Jeremy, this is the text to your interview:

“She keeps going to the media and putting our personal information and our life for the world to see with you know false information and which is just gonna upset us”.

Son, first of all if I have said anything false, please tell me what it is so we can talk about it?

Secondly, Jeremy you know I have done everything to try to talk to you privately.  I have called you many times and after I leave a message your phone number is changed.  I’ve tried to send you messages on social media myself and through friends.  I’ve even gone to Texas and tried to talk to you.  Scientology always intervenes and that is why I’m trying to talk with you with the Media’s help.  I would like more than anything just to be able to sit down with you and your sister and talk about our situation without anyone intervening.  Can we please do that son?  You have my number and I would love to hear from you.

Jessica,  here is the text to your interview:

“I don’t believe that she really wants a relationship with me.  I think it is more important for her to have this vendetta against my Church than to have a relationship with me.”

Jessica, I want a relationship with you and your brother.  I miss you both terribly and can’t believe we have been kept apart for over 5 years because of this “Disconnection”.  My Vendetta is against the Scientology Disconnection Policy that is keeping us apart and that is all!  I simply want to be your mom. I don’t care if you and Jeremy do Scientology and I have said that many times.  I can’t be your mom though because of Scientology…. I have to go back in and do the steps that are required by Scientology to be able to be your mom.  I am not the one putting up the requirements.  I am not asking you to give up your religion, I am just asking to be able to be in your life.  Scientology is setting the demands, not me.  I love you honey and wish I could just be able to say all this to you in person.   Please Jessica Call Me and let’s get our lives back together again.  I will never stop fighting for our RECONNECTION…. I promise that!

I love you both, Jessica and Jeremy with all my heart!


Love Always,


Your Mom ❤️