My Jessica is engaged…..

…. and I’m truly happy for you.   Congratulations to you and Jonathan!  ❤️❤️

I found out last week that you were Engaged.  When I had first heard the news, my heart dropped with the thought of not being able to share with you in this special time of your life and I felt very sad.  Scientology has ripped apart our family for the past 5 years because of their enforced disconnection policy and now we can’t even be together during this memorable time.  I cried for days thinking about how you and I are missing out on all the exciting mother-daughter things we could be doing together such as planning a fabulous engagement party, picking out your beautiful dress, the wedding invitations just to name a few.  I will miss this time with you, Jessica…. I really will!


Instead of staying sad, I’m grateful that you have found someone you love and want to spend your life with.  I met Jonathan last year when I attempted to see you on Mother’s Day.  He was very kind to me even though we’re all going through an extremely difficult situation.  I thought he was quite handsome too.  I wish you and Jonathan the very best and many years of happiness together.  I think you and Jonathan make a wonderful couple.

I’m sending my love to you both and remember I’m always here for you.

Loving you always!

Love, Mom