June 9th is a very special day for me……

Today is my  son, Jeremy’s birthday and he turns 26.  We have missed out on sharing together his last 9 birthdays because of Scientology Disconnection.  😥

Jeremy, I went dirt biking yesterday at Cow Mountain and thought about how much fun we used to have riding together and stopping for lunch to have our PB & J sandwiches.


I miss  you so much son and all the fun times we had together.  We weren’t only mom and son we were the best of friends and had a blast just hangin’ together.  Here you and I are when we went riding at Cow Mountain back when you were about 14:71726A52-9385-4481-87CB-F636604ED0D9.jpeg

Every day I’m hopeful for your phone call so we can work this Disconnection out.  I know we can Son if we just have a chance for us to talk with just you, me and Jessica and no other interference from Scientology.    Let’s use our LOVE and our HEARTS to guide us to be reconnected again.  Call me son and I’ll be on the next flight to Austin.  I PROMISE I WILL NEVER GIVE UP!!

Love you sooooo much Jeremy!

Happy 26th Birthday Son! I hope next birthday we can celebrate your big day together.

Love Always,

Your Mom! ❤️❤️❌⭕️🏍🏍