Jessica and Jeremy please listen to this interview I just did for you both so you will see….

how much I’ve done and am still doing to be back together as a family again.

This interview I did is from my heart.  I explain my younger years in Scientology when I was on staff and why I felt education was so important.

As your mom, I wanted a good education for you both. That is why I fought so hard for you both to stay in school and I wanted you both to wait until you were 18 to make the decision to join Staff and the Sea Org.  I felt that 15 and 16 years old was too young to make that big decision.  I know because I did that and wish I had finished high school before making the decision to join staff.

I go over how I resigned from Scientology and that I was okay with you both continuing on with it.  How after one week of resigning, I was threatened with losing you both to Scientology Disconnection.

How I fought the disconnection and all I’ve done and am still doing to just be your mom.

I love you both and hope we can be a family once again.  I miss being your mom! 😥


Love Always,

Mom ❤️❤️❤️


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