I’m back Fighting Scientology’s policy of ‘disconnection’, my recent letter from Scientology’s Internationial Justice Chief…..

During this past 1 1/2 years, I was very depressed about my kids and didn’t have the strength to keep fighting for them. Back in April 2016 Scientology had my kids do these interviews:


I was in shock!  I thought my kids looked like they were manipulated to go on camera and clearly the things they said were scripted!  I was so sad for them and distraught over my broken apart family, it affected me badly.  I shut down.

I haven’t spoken out publicly since then.  Not only did I not have the strength to speak out,  I thought just maybe if I was quiet then I would have a chance to reunite with my son and daughter.

A couple months ago in August 2017 I decided to try to contact the IJC, Internationial Justice Chief, Mike Ellis.  When Scientology declares one a “Suppressive Person” then the IJC is the only person you can talk too.  I called many times leaving a message with the receptionist to have him call me and that it’s regarding my disconnected children.

After several attempts the receptionist said the IJC never takes calls or returns calls.  She advised me to put it in writing.  So I wrote a letter to the IJC.

My 1st letter to the IJC dated 8-15-17:

To IJC-Mike Ellis,

My name is Lori Hodgson and I’m the mother of Jeremy Leake and Jessica Davitt.  I have been disconnected from my two children for 7 years.  I’m reaching out to you because I was told you are my only terminal.  I want to make an agreement that is good for my children and I so we can be a family again.  I can do good roads, good weather with my children.  I am fine that they do their Scientology religion.  I just want to be their mom.

Thank you,

Lori Hodgson

The response from the IJC dated 8-23-17:


My response back to the IJC dated 9-7-17

To IJC-Mike Ellis,

I am continuing on with my baptized Luthern Religion.  I will honor my daughter Jessica and my son Jeremy’s Scientology Religion and would like the same respect back for my Luthern Religion.

I can do “Good Roads, Good Weather” so that we can be a family again.

Please let me know if that can be worked out?

Thank you,

Lori Hodgson

I can clearly see that the only way Scientology would ever let me be with my kids is if I do the A-E steps.  I CAN NOT do those steps as I’m not a Scientologist anymore and part of the steps is to say I’ve lied about everything that is true and I would need to do many hours of amends to Scientology for speaking out about Scientology taking my kids from me.   I’m not lying and the only reason I continue to speak out is because I want my kids back!!

I would agree to Scientology’s “Good Roads, Good Weather” which is what I needed to do with my family members that were critical of Scientology when I was a Scientologist.  It basically means to get the family member to respect your religion.

I never heard back from the IJC after my 2nd letter.

I have sent messages to the IJC to please respond back.

On November 15, 2017 I sent my kids a message that I tried working with the IJC and now their not responding back. I asked my kids to please call me so we can work this out and be a family again.

As of Dec 14, 2017 I have not heard back from the IJC or my kids.

I tried being quiet, I tried reaching out to the IJC and I tried reaching out to my kids.  Nothing works so I’m going to continue to fight for my kids by speaking out again on every platform that I possibly can.

I love you Jessica and Jeremy and I will never give up on us!


Love always,

Your Mom



8 thoughts on “I’m back Fighting Scientology’s policy of ‘disconnection’, my recent letter from Scientology’s Internationial Justice Chief…..

  1. I understand and I am not going to fill you with “I am so sorry” hoopla.. I lost my step-daughter 8 years ago and have been to Court over 20 times to solidify my relationship with my 12 year old who lives with my COS ex.

    I got you.. reach out to me anytime.


  2. Ah my heart aches for you, Lori. This is just so unfair and so ridiculous. I just can’t imagine. I am sure that even if you did the A-E steps, as you said, it wouldn’t be enough, the “Church” would keep you dancing to their tune, demanding more money, etc. I’m a “never-in” but I know how it works. You take care. I’ll keep hoping things work out. Your children are lovely. Blessings for Christmas, M.C. (Mary Clare) Mayo, Toronto (EmmaDaoust on the Underground Bunker)

  3. I totally understand, as I’ve lost my daughter to Jehovah’s Witness shunning policy. It’s the most frustrating, angering, sad, and helpless feeling! I hope there is some way to stop the mind control they use on people…it ruins lives, for nothing! Hugs to you!

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