My Jessica is engaged…..

…. and I’m truly happy for you.   Congratulations to you and Jonathan!  ❤️❤️

I found out last week that you were Engaged.  When I had first heard the news, my heart dropped with the thought of not being able to share with you in this special time of your life and I felt very sad.  Scientology has ripped apart our family for the past 5 years because of their enforced disconnection policy and now we can’t even be together during this memorable time.  I cried for days thinking about how you and I are missing out on all the exciting mother-daughter things we could be doing together such as planning a fabulous engagement party, picking out your beautiful dress, the wedding invitations just to name a few.  I will miss this time with you, Jessica…. I really will!


Instead of staying sad, I’m grateful that you have found someone you love and want to spend your life with.  I met Jonathan last year when I attempted to see you on Mother’s Day.  He was very kind to me even though we’re all going through an extremely difficult situation.  I thought he was quite handsome too.  I wish you and Jonathan the very best and many years of happiness together.  I think you and Jonathan make a wonderful couple.

I’m sending my love to you both and remember I’m always here for you.

Loving you always!

Love, Mom


24 thoughts on “My Jessica is engaged…..

  1. I can so seriously relate to this Lori. When Jeremy got married during the disconnection I thought I would go completely crazy! I had to realize that I was putting all the significance in it and I could just turn it around and be happy for them. I got real creative with figuring out a wedding gift. 😉 There will come a day, I’m sure of this, that the kids will come back to their moma.

    • My sweet friend Meshell, I read all your blog posts to your son and you inspired me to never give up. I am so happy your son came back to you. I can’t wait till the day I can share with you that my kids are back too! 💖💙

  2. Well Done Lori. Your abiding love and persistence shall see you through this trying time. I’m sure your daughter (and son) will see that one day. Thank you for your courage and dedication to the the cause of ending the Church of Scientology’s abusive policy of “Disconnection”.

  3. So glad you are able to find the positives in all this Sis, it shows just how beautiful a person you are. Love you! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  4. Lori, my heart goes out to you at this time. My husband’s son is also at Flag and disconnected from us – although he doesn’t show it much, I know my hubby misses him terribly.

    I couldn’t imagine my daughter being cut off from me and my fervent wish and hope for you is that yours will soon return to you. We just have to keep shining the light of truth on this awful situation and chipping away bit by bit – eventually the walls of Babylon will fall.

    All my love & big hugs to you.

    • Thank you Shelley! I hope your husbands son comes back home soon as I do with my own. So many families are broken apart due to this cruel Scientology disconnection. I can’t wait till the day disconnection is stopped and our loved ones are free to be with us again.

  5. A beautiful message from a mother to her daughter. Yes, there were tears, yes there was terrible sadness, but like the incredible woman you are you picked yourself up like you always do and YOU chose joy for Jessica.

  6. My sweet friend Lorikins. Your such an incredible person and it shows again in your loving note to Jess and her future husband. This news would floor any loving mother but instead of being selfish or angered you let the heart part of you shine through in your note for Jess. Your one class act honey. Your friend to the end of “Disconnection” and beyond, I love you ! ❤

  7. A loving post. Thank you for sharing Lori. You always give me a good cry and spread so much sunshine. I think it’s perhaps true that when I think lovingly of someone, they also think of me. It happens so continuously in my life that I get a text or call from persons I love the same day I’m thinking of them. If true, my children are consciously stopping themselves from calling me. That would make them just that much more in touch with the real world and able to better see the insanity in ever thinking their mom is a Suppressive Person 🙂 Maybe I’ll make dolls with their picture on the face and hang em by my desk and they with have to thought-stop all day while I admire how beautifully they have grown up. Tehe 🙂

  8. I am **soooooooooo** proud of you, Lori! This is it’s own torture, and only one people who have suffered “Disconnection” from a loved one really understand. Disconnection from your own children, I believe, is THE deepest (and the most awful, to any children who are “in” Scientology, reading this: PLEASE GET IN TOUCH WITH YOUR PARENTS!!). I hope, I pray both of your kids will see the light and find you. ❤ I love you, I thank you for your courage. ❤

  9. If Jessica reads this, she should keep googling. There is no harm in knowing the truth. It may hurt, but that is the feeling of the house shifting to find solid ground.

  10. Oh that photo of the two of you – you look exactly alike! What a wonderful photo of a Mom and daughter.. so sad to realize that she can’t see her Mom anymore. What a happy day when she realizes that she actually can, it’s in her power. What happens when she has her own daughter and starts thinking about the future repeating?

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